Neo Max

Profile Moving Head – MSR GOLD 1500 FASTFIT
Neo Max is a profile moving head powered by a Philips® MSR GOLD 1500 FASTFIT lamp with an 8°-50° linear zoom. The unit features CMY color mixing, a color wheel with 8 dichroic filters + open, 6 interchangeable, rotating and indexable gobos + 7 indexable static gobos. Neo Max further includes a 3-facet rotating prism & prism macros. A patented profile system that allows cutting the spot freely to create different shapes complement the unit that also sports motorized focus, iris & frost.
Source & Optics
Light Source: Philips® MSR Gold 1500 Fastfit
Color temperature: 6000K
Lamp life: 750 hours
Zoom: 8°-53°linear zoom

Photometric data
Luminous Flux: 32646 lux @ 10m (32 ft.)

Effects & Functions
CMY CTO color mixing
CTO color temperature linear change from 2700-6500K
30 CMY+CTO+Color Macros and random CMY
Color wheel: 7 dichroic filters + open, rainbow effect
Rotating gobo wheel: 6 rotating, interchangeable, indexable gobos + open
Static gobo wheel: 7 interchangeable, indexable gobos + open
Gobo diameter: Outside & Inside 27 mm. / 22 mm.
Patented Profile system: cutting spot freely to create different shape
3-facet rotating prism and prism macros
Frost: 0-100%
Motorized & auto-focus
Iris: motorized linear change from 5%~100%
Dimmer: Full range 0-100%
Animation wheel
Strobe effect: 1-13 flashes per second
Flicker free
7 pre-built programs

DMX channels: 37/39/60
Wireless DMX (Optional)
Remote DMX addressing, lamp on/off, reset, sound control switch by DMX controller
Advanced RDM function
Software upgrade via DMX

Pan: 540º / 630º
Tilt: 265º
8 & 16-bit resolution
Auto repositioning

Full color LCD graphic display
DMX connectors: 4 XLR connectors (XLR-3 In and Out; XLR-5 In and Out)
Dimensions: 807x402x350 mm. / 31.7x15.8x13.7 in.
Weight: 48 Kg. / 105 Lbs.
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