Neo Paint 9

Outdoor Professional Fixture – 9 x 10W RGBW 4-in-1 LED’s
Neo Paint 9 is a professional outdoor par powered by 9 x 15W RGBW 4-in-1 LEDs with a 11° beam angle or 21° field angle that features quad-color LED technology, enabling a smooth RGBW mix with no multicolor shadows. The unit has an adjustable color temperature from 2500K to 8000K, optional pixel by pixel control, 1-25 flashes per second strobe and pulse effect. Neo Paint 9 is also IP65 rated for outdoor use.
Source & Optics
Light Source: 9 x 15W 4-in-1 LEDs
LEDs life: 50,000 hours
Beam angle: 11º / Field angle: 21º

Photometric data
Luminous Flux: 11380 Lux @ 2m (6.5 ft)

Effects & Functions
Pixel control (optional)
Quad-color LED technology: Smooth RGBW mix with no multi colored shadows
Color macros & rainbow effect
Color temperature: Linear adjust from 2500K to 8000K
Dimmer: Full range 0-100% general & for all four colors
Strobe effect: 0-25 flashes per second
8 Pre-built programs
Flicker free
Barndoor & Gel frame (optional)

DMX channels: 4/5/6/8/36
Operational modes: DMX, Master/Slave & Sound active
Software upgrade via DMX (optional accesory)
Advanced RDM function

IP Rating: IP65
4-digit LED Display
DMX connectors: 2 outdoor XLR connectors (XLR-3 In and Out)
Power supply connectors: Outdoor In/Out connectors
Cooling: Convection
Dimensions: 261.7x268x232 mm. / 10.3x10.5x9.1 in.
Weight: 7.5 Kg. / 16.5 Lbs.
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